suppliers & brands

We always are trying new products and looking out for interesting items to share with our community.  Some of the brands that we are proud to feature include the following:

Alberts Organics – Located in Los Angeles, a pioneer in the produce industry bringing natural products to stores across the southland since 1982


Evolution – Based in San Bernadino, ultra-premium juices and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables with the sh0rt shelf lives ensuring the highest quality freshness


Immaculate Baking Company – Gourmet, scratch based mixes produce “cookies with a cause” that taste absolutely delicious.


Kevita – Bottled in Ojai, a non-dairy based Kefir with a unique probiotic formula that delivers health in every bottle and has gained a passionate following across the country.


Raos Specialty Foods – Five generations have been serving the highest quality Italian products to consumers across the country, including a Cavatelli pasta that has no equal!